THE BAD NEWS:  Due to a serious health problem I have had to stop making my K8RA line of Iambic and Single Lever Keys.  I thank all of you who have supported my little retirement business over the past years.  It has been a gratifying activity that I loved and it saddens me to not be able to continue this fun ham radio activity.
THE GOOD NEWS:  My keys will again be available shortly.  My good friends Mike (NT8O) and Fred (N8BX) have graciously agreed to continue making the keys.  Both are accomplished machinists and I am confident they will make precision keys that will exceed my abilities.  They currently make ham radio products and know how to service the ham market.  Many will recognize them from their line of weighted knobs ( ) they offer for many radios.  Trust me they are great guys who can make you a great key.
For further information on key availability or any other matter concerning my key designs, contact Mike at the following:
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Jerry - K8RA